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SEC - Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering (MALLS) analysis

Protein Core

MALLS stands for Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering, this service is provided by the Protein Core to characterize the protein in solution in the final quality control steps. A size exclusion chromatography column is coupled to a MALLS system to determine the hydrodynamic radius and molecular weight of the particles directly after separation based on hydrodynamic volume.

What is light scattering?

When polarized laser light hits a particle, this particle scatters light in all directions. The amount of light scattered is directly proportional to the product of the polymer's molar mass and concentration. The angular variation of the scattered light is directly related to the size of the molecule.

SEC-MALLS system overview: Agilent HPLC tower + UV monitor, MALLS module + QELS (DLS) + dRI module

SEC-MALLS analysis allows us to determine:

  • The molar mass of the protein
  • Formation of aggregates and multimeric state of the protein
  • The size of the protein (Rh/Rg)
  • Second virial coefficient (A2)
  • Translational diffusion coefficient (Dt), which is used to calculate the hydrodynamic radius of the protein
  • Protein conjugate analysis: allows us to measure the amount of a modifier on protein (e.g. the amount of sugar on a glycosilated protein)