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Nanobody generation & identification based on recombinant protein

Nanobody Core
  • Project design and "animal welfare committee" approval
  • Immunization of a llama or an alpaca with a recombinant protein
  • Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes (PBLs) preparation from immune blood
  • Total RNA preparation from the above described PBLs & QC
  • cDNA synthesis from total RNA
  • Generation of a VHH library from the cDNA & QC
  • Panning on a recombinant protein
  • ELISA screening a recombinant protein and a negative control
  • sequencing ELISA positive hits, B-cell lineage tagging
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Animal care for 4 months
  • IP & commercial rights
  • Bacterial colonies harboring recombinant phagemid vector containing the Nanobody genes of the unique ELISA-positive hits
  • Report including ELISA data, Nanobodies sequence data, B-cell lineage data