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Gene to Protein

Protein Core

What is gene to protein service?

This is an all including service where the Protein Core helps you from your gene of interest until the corresponding protein. This step by step service is well documented and is developed through years of experience in protein expression, production and purification. The Protein Core staff helps step by step in setting up this project and its eventual implementation.

Which steps are involved in the service?

  • Gene synthesis when the gene is only available in silico.
  • Subcloning in our in house available expression vectors with the possibility of different fusion tags for multiple expression systems (Escherichia coli, Pichia pastoris, transient mammalian expression (HEK293F), stable mammalian expression (HEK293F/CHO-K1), ...).
  • Expression study to choose the best clone/condition for optimal protein expression based on the in house available expression systems.
  • Production at different scales. Scale up services for fermentation of microbial organisms up to 20 liter (fed batch fermentation) and mammalian cells up to 12 liter can be done. Accordingly, standard operating procedures for collection and lysis of cells adapted to these scales are available.
  • Purification of even complex proteins through experienced staff on state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Quality control of final protein upon delivery. The quality control steps contain by default: sterile filtration, concentration determination (UV280 nm), bacterial endotoxin determination, SDS-PAGE (reduced & non-reduced) and SEC-MALLS to characterize your protein in solution (Mw, size, multimeric state, conjugate analysis, ...). This can be expanded with protein-protein interaction studies, biological activity assays, thermal stability studies, ...