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Electron Microscopy Services

Bioimaging Core - Gent

Any electron microscopy related questions or requests can be adressed to

We offer electron microscopy sample preparation and imaging as a service. Our portfolio contains different preparation methods, including chemical fixtation, high pressure freezing (using a Leica ICE HPF), critical point drying, blotting and negative staining.

We have three electron microscopes in our instrument parc, more specifially a Jeol JEM 1400 Plus 110kV TEM, a Zeiss Merlin SEM equiped with an 3DView2 XP Gatan and a Zeiss CB540 Focussed Ion Beam SEM. Applications that we can cover in our facility include 2D TEM imaging, topographic SEM, Serial Block-Face SEM and FIB-SEM imaging. Expertise for dealing with a variety of biological samples is in house and we consult on correlative light and electron microscopy workflows.